Protect your Secrets
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We protect your documents

Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Documents (Documents Shredding) has a team of sworn, competent and dedicated technicians. You are assured that your confidential, copyrighted and licensed materials are handled in the safest possible way. We know that your success in business depends, in part, on how you treat your confidential information.

Shredding of Confidential Documents

We know that your confidential documents must be destroyed securely. You can trust our sworn employees.

Recycling of Paper and Cardboard

The environment is important to us: all papers and cardboards are recycled. Also, we plant a tree for every new customer.

Destruction of Media and Uniforms

We proceed to the ultimate destruction of all obsolete and useless media, as well as old work uniforms.

Document Filing Boxes

For your relevant documents, we offer a highly secure storage solution through our filing boxes.

Turnkey Solutions

We Offer You Peace of Mind!

  • Work performed at your office by our sworn employees
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Mobile shredding units

To discover our services and machinery, we invite you to visit our facilities. Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Document Inc. is always at the cutting edge of technology and executes a high-quality, completely confidential and entirely safe work! Also, our certified and sworn employees receive ongoing training to provide high-quality service that meets our customers’ expectations!


Services Offered Regarding the Shredding of Confidential Documents

Paper Shredding

Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Document Inc. offers a regular or an occasional pick-up service of obsolete documents, which, for security reasons, must be destroyed immediately and definitively. We ensure that documents containing sensitive information, as well as other storage media, are impossible to reconstruct; confidential information and business secrets won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Protection of Confidential Information

Unfortunately, identity theft, theft of personal and business information, as well as fraud, are becoming more frequent. They can put your company at considerable corporate risk. Professional shredding of your sensitive data is, therefore, an economical, safe, practical and environmentally friendly solution. You get rid, efficiently and safely, of all documents or of all media supports containing sensitive information that may be of interest to fraudsters.

The Pick-Up

The pick-up is quickly done, according to the frequency required by the customer and according to the company’s needs. Once the work is completed, a certificate of destruction is given to the customer. Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Documents Inc.’s employees then provide what is required to pursue the company’s activities: safe bins, security cabinets and various models of recycling bins.

Destruction of Media

Nowadays, everybody agrees that it is of utmost importance to dispose of electronic and computer equipment responsibly and safely. In the spirit of openness and social commitment, we offer the pick-up and the destruction of various electronic waste:

Disposition of the Following Media

  • Computers, computer screens, keyboards
  • Printers and their ink cartridges
  • Scanners, fax machines
  • CDs and DVDs
  • USB keys, hard disk drives
  • Magnetic reels, cassettes of all kinds
  • Televisions, telephones, radios
  • X-ray machines
  • Others

Cardboard Recycling

At Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Documents Inc., we do more than destroy your confidential documents.

Proud of our 22 years of experience in our field of expertise and faithful to our reputations of being an eco-friendly company, we also offer a non-paper material recycling service: glass, plastic, and metal can be picked up and recycled with the utmost respect for the environment.


At Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Documents Inc., we also recycle various paper items, such as newspapers and flyers, books and magazines, all types of printed papers, file folders, letterheads, notebooks, paper bags, directories, etc. After their shredding, all these different papers and cardboards are recycled.

Archiving Documents

Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Documents Inc. also helps you keep your important documents safe, using our ultra-rugged archiving boxes. These boxes, handy to keep your documents away from prying eyes, offer several valuable features:

Nos boîtes d'archivage de documents

  • Our Archiving Boxes
  • Double-wall construction
  • Hinged lid, stackable resistant
  • Triple-thick handles, durable and easy to handle
  • Dimensions: 12’’ (width) x 16’’ (depth) x 10’’ (height)
  • Unbeatable price-quality ratio, price upon request

These ultra-robust boxes will be useful when you need to archive files, to ship goods or to move your business to another location.


At Confidentiel Déchiquetage de Documents Inc., our ultra-robust archiving boxes will be useful when you need to archive files, to ship goods or to move your business to another location.


Our Clients

Hydro-Quebec fier client de Confidentiel Dechiquetage
Service de police de Montréal fier client de Confidentiel Déchiquetage
Sûreté du Québec fier client de Confidentiel Déchiquetage
Centre de services partagés du Québec fier client de Confidentiel Déchiquetage


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